Brandi Irby, LPC

I am a therapist who believes strongly that when people are met with accurate empathy and support they are able to turn toward the difficult things that hold them back, heal, and grow. My approach to therapy is collaborative. I am here to illuminate what may otherwise go unnoticed, 

to bring clarity, and to support as people touch into their own inner wisdom and courageously embrace living from their truth. 

I received my MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University. I enjoy working with clients utilizing alternative therapies, such as nature-based therapies, as well as mindfulness-based therapies. I work with clients who are impacted by complex trauma, anxiety, depression and those seeking to explore their spirituality or belief system.

Laura Halverstadt, LPC

Welcome! Joining with people as they navigate the darkest and most restrictive corners of their lives, connect with their deepest resources, and in time, befriend themselves, is one of the greatest gifts in my life today. With that, I am so glad you are here! 

My approach to counseling is one that assumes you have what you need to heal and be whole. In my experience, offering advice, shuttling out “answers,” or assuming that I could know what is best for you, almost always turns out to stall genuine, deep work. Our journey together will allow you to connect with the subtle, and the not-so-subtle messages that are attempting to point you toward wholeness. Coming to know and trust yourself, however, may not involve an analytical type of knowing— although there me be some of that. Instead, knowing yourself may mean connecting in a way that is embodied, sensing deeply into your experience, and trusting that what is, is, and is there for a reason. With this knowing, you are freer to decide which ways of being continue to serve you, and which it’s time to part ways with, or perhaps, forge a different relationship with. 

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions may be sources of internal or external turmoil—often easy to judge and label as “wrong,” “bad,” “fill-in-the-blank,” or, to equate these ways of being with “me.”  I believe that these ways of being are valuable guideposts. At the same time, I know that these ways of being don’t define you, they aren’t all of you, and they certainly don’t mean you are “bad,” “weak,” “selfish”— whatever the message may be. I will stand firm in this: you are fundamentally good, whole, and have the resources you need to connect back to these truths. 

You are officially on a journey, some type of journey— no way to know what it will look like yet. AND, I am so excited to see what your system has in store for you— what internal brilliance exists that will support our work and move you into healing and wholeness. We will work to engage beyond intellect, targeting a deeper felt sense through humanistic, contemplative, and somatic practices. Symptom management is essential, but when trauma, depression, anxiety, and relational struggles show up relentlessly, a different approach is called for. To heal wounds that run deep, we must tap into the very foundation of your suffering. Supported by my own deep belief and resourcing in contemplative practices, I will show up each time we meet committed to presence and attunement. I want to know your experience, so that we can discover a path forward that allows you to connect to and trust your own system.  I am confident that you can live a life that feels worth it, and, I am prepared to believe this truth for both of us until you come to know it too.

** For the technical stuff. Over the past 8 years I have worked with children, teens, and adults to support healing in residential, hospital, inpatient step-down, and outpatient settings. I received an MA from the University of Denver in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I primarily work with those impacted by trauma, depression, anxiety, identity confusion, adjustment, and addiction. I work with children 12 and older, teens, and adults. For those of you seeking services for your child, I am qualified, and enjoy working with trauma, anxiety, adjustment, and behavioral concerns. With concerns beyond my specialty areas I will gladly offer a top-notch referral within my network.

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